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01 Philosophical and Practical Ecology

Australia-Pacific. Observatory.

Caring for Country

Philosophical and Practical Ecology
02 Caring for Country

Our. Aim.

The Australia- Pacific Observatory aims to explore and translate the concept of ‘caring for country’, a unique tradition of philosophical and practical ecology that has been espoused and practiced by Indigenous Australians and Islanders for centuries.

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03 New Geological and Social Age

The. Anthropocene.

The urgency of this Observatory's mission derives from an increasing public realization that our globe has within the last two centuries entered a new geological and social age, the Anthropocene, in which humans have for the first time begun to influence planetary change, and can no longer claim to exist outside of nature.

We aim as a result to undertake a research program, which honors and explores the significance of a unique contribution that our region can offer to the emerging global field of environmental humanities during a time of massively accelerating change.

Conserve the Environment
04 Holistic Philosophy and Ecology

Caring. for. Country.

The holistic philosophy and ecology of ‘caring for country’ has been practiced by Indigenous Australians and Islanders for many centuries, and, we wish to bring it into conversation with Western environmental traditions, believing that it has a powerful wider relevance to our modern nation and region, as well as to other parts of the world.

The concept of ‘Caring for Country’ has long been and remains a pivot of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander life, an ethic that sees humans as belonging to rather than outside their natural world, and tasked with unavoidable responsibility for nurturing that world.

“The forefront of efforts to disseminate the importance of the scholarly field
of environmental humanities.”

Austrlia-Pacific Observatory's main hub: University of Sydney.

06 Contributors & Researchers

Scholars. and. Community. Members.

Bashford, Alison
Alison Bashford
Key Researcher View Profile
Bird-Rose, Deborah
Deborah Bird-Rose
Key Researcher View Profile
Bristow, Thomas (Tom)
Thomas (Tom) Bristow
Key Researcher View Profile
Cohen, Margaret
Margaret Cohen
Visiting Fellow View Profile
de Bérigny, Caitilin
Caitilin de Bérigny
Artist in Residence View Profile
Ford, Tom
Tom Ford
Key Researcher View Profile
Frawley, Jodi
Jodi Frawley
Co-Convener View Profile
Gaynor, Andrea
Andrea Gaynor
Key Researcher View Profile
Goodall, Heather
Heather Goodall
Key Researcher View Profile
Griffiths, Tom
Tom Griffiths
Key Researcher View Profile
Hawkins, Gay
Gay Hawkins
Key Researcher View Profile
Head, Lesley
Lesley Head
Key Researcher View Profile
Lui-Chivizhe, Leah
Leah Lui-Chivizhe
Key Researcher View Profile
Matthews, Freya
Freya Matthews
Key Researcher View Profile
McCalman, Iain
Iain McCalman
Convener View Profile
Newell, Jennifer
Jennifer Newell
Visiting Fellow View Profile
Philp, Jude
Jude Philp
Key Researcher View Profile
Probyn, Elspeth
Elspeth Probyn
Key Researcher View Profile
Rangan, Haripriya
Haripriya Rangan
Key Researcher View Profile
Rigby, Kate
Kate Rigby
Key Researcher View Profile
Robin, Libby
Libby Robin
Key Researcher View Profile
Schlosberg, David
David Schlosberg
Key Researcher View Profile
Van Dooren, Thom
Thom Van Dooren
Observatory Member View Profile
Wehner, Kirsten
Kirsten Wehner
Key Researcher View Profile
Williams, Linda
Linda Williams
Key Researcher View Profile
Wodak, Josh
Josh Wodack
Observatory Member View Profile