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01 Impact of Agriculture

East. Asia. Observatory.

Agricultural and Food Ethics in East Asia

02 Impact of Agriculture

Our. Aim.

While Humanities scholars in Asia are taking on a variety of environmental concerns, the East Asia Observatory is focusing on the impact of agriculture with respect to environmental and climate problems, and examining agricultural and food ethics from East Asian perspectives.

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03 Building bridges with the Humanities

Enlist. Scholars.

The East Asia Observatory at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences, at National Taiwan University (EAO, NTU), strives to enlist scholars in the Humanities and related disciplines from East Asia-- and around the globe-- to join the fray in confronting the environmental and climate problems of the new century.

To connect our land-based concerns with parallels issues of the sea and marine life, we are building bridges with the Humanities and related scholars at the University of Guam for whom the health of the seas and the resilience of the stocks is of vital concern.

09 Contributors & Researchers

Scholars. and. Community. Members.

Anthony, Raymond
Raymond Anthony
Key Researcher View Profile
Callicott, J. Baird
J. Baird Callicott
Key Researcher View Profile
Jeffrey, Bill
Dr Bill Jeffery
Key Researcher View Profile
Kai, Masumi
Masumi Kai
Key Researcher View Profile
McRae, James
James McRae
Key Researcher View Profile
Rigsby, Curtis
Dr. Curtis Rigsby
Key Researcher View Profile
Sellmann, James D.
James D. Sellmann
Key Researcher View Profile