Dr. Kyndra Turner

North American Observatory

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Professional Title Lecturer
Institution California State University, Channel Islands
Departmental Affiliation None provided
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Dr. Kyndra Turner


Dr. Kyndra Turner is a Lecturer at California State University, Channel Islands. Her research draws on transnational American studies methodologies and ecocriticism in order to provide models for what she calls “readings in the Anthropocene” or re-readings of classic and contemporary texts that intervene and question dominant ideologies of power and progress. She recently published “Writing in the Anthropocene from the Global North to the Global South: Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Richard Power’s The Echo Maker,” in Critical Norths: Space, Nature, Theory, co-edited by Kevin Maier and Sarah Jaquette Ray (University of Alaska Press, 2017).  From 2013-2014 she served as Research Assistant for the North American Observatory.