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An Archive of Hope and Cautionary Tales Workshop

Past Event

The first West Cluster workshop took place in November 2013, with the theme Imagining Communities, Technologies, Responsibilities, and Justice in the Anthropocene. Expert consultants for this event included Rebecca Tsosie and Giovanna DiChiro, who led a session on “Identifying principles of environmentally sustainable and socially just practices through transnational and historical comparisons,” and Mark Tebeau and Ed Finn, who led a session on “Defining just digital technologies.” Both sessions were designed to help guide the steering committee’s efforts on the first project: the creation of an Archive of Hope and Cautionary Tales.

This archive will illustrate the principles of sustainability and social justice through stories, all of which contain elements of both hope and caution. The project is focused on developing a diverse suite of narratives about people addressing integrated environmental and social problems in specific locations around the world that illuminate environmental crises, their social and cultural dimensions, and the many ways that affected communities organize to address and resolve environmental and social justice challenges. The stories express both concern and hope, illuminate global sustainability and justice principles, and reveal a variety of examples of people building cooperative, resilient communities and healthy, diverse ecosystems. The goal is to share stories that will generate understanding, inspiration, and social transformation.