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Humanities for the Environment Key Researcher Ikue Kina
International Institute for Okinawan Studies, University of Ryukyus

Ikue Kina

Ikue Kina is Professor at the International Institute for Okinawan Studies at the University of Ryukyus. Her fields of research focus on U.S. Women’s Literature, Native North American Literature, Chicano/a Literature, Ecofeminist Criticism, and Border Cultures has recently been extended to comparative reading of Okinawan Literature. She is an author of the book Kokyō no Topology [Topology of Home: Ecocriticism of Location and Place] (Suiseisha Publishing) and has her essays anthologized in such books as Kyōiki no Bungaku [Literatures of Borderlands] (21st-Century Literature Series by Iwanami Publisher, Tokyo) and Kōkan no Poetikusu [Poestics of Environmental Correspondences] (Suiseisha Publishing Company, Tokyo). She has also co-authored Native American no Bungaku [Native American Literature], the first collection of critical essays on Native North American Literature in Japanese published by Minerva Publishing Company in Kyoto.