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Humanities for the Environment Key Researcher Andrea Gaynor
Professor of History, School of Humanities, University of Western Australia

Andrea Gaynor

I am primarily an environmental historian with research interests in the history of food production in Australian cities, Western Australian environmental history, animals in history, and the history of fish and fishing.  While I have pursued various questions relating to the historical relationships between the human and non-human, I have always remained concerned with understanding three main questions: what factors have shaped human dealings with the natural world? How have people changed the environment? And how has environmental change (anthropogenic or otherwise) affected people’s lives? My research is also relevant to a range of other fields, including Australian studies, urban history, cultural history, gender history, and cultural heritage. To some extent, the strength of my research, taken as a whole, lies in its breadth rather than specialisation, as I am often seeking to derive new understandings, ask new questions and answer open ones by bringing approaches and knowledges from one area to bear on another, especially across the humanities/science divide.