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Humanities for the Environment Member Thorvardur Arnason

Thorvardur Arnason

Thorvardur Arnason has a Ph.D. in interdisciplinary environmental studies, focusing primarily on environmental philosophy and politics. His main research interests concern landscape and wilderness, nature conservation, climate change, sustainable tourism and sustainable rural development. Thorvardur has been the Director of the University of Iceland’s Hornafjörður Research Centre since 2006. He is also an assistant research professor in environmental studies at the University of Iceland and has supervised more than 20 graduate students. His previous work experience includes three years as Managing Director of the Icelandic National Bioethics Committee and seven years as researcher at the Centre for Ethical Studies, University of Iceland. Since 1998 Thorvardur has taught university level courses in e.g. management of protected areas, environmental ethics, sustainable tourism and philosophy of science. He has been the project leader of several large-scale research projects in Iceland and has also taken part in numerous multi-national research and/or development projects. Thorvardur Arnason has been a board member of the Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies since 2010.

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