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Humanities for the Environment Member Dag Avango
Researcher at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden,

Dag Avango

Dag Avango, PhD in History of Technology, is a researcher at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. In his research, he has primarily dealt with the relationship between resource extraction, science and (geo)politics in the polar regions from a long term historical perspective. A related field of research is on legacies of industry and how communities deal with such legacies when building post-industrial futures, through remediation and heritage processes.

Dag Avango’s research is situated at the interface between archaeology and history, based on the theoretical assumption that material objects and environments play an active role in society and therefore should be considered in explanations of historical change, and following this the methodological approach of combining archival studies with archaeological fieldwork. Dag Avango has published widely and also run graduate and post-graduate education on those topics.

Dag Avango is the XO of the Nordic Centre of Excellence REXSAC – Resource Extraction and Sustainable Arctic Communities (www.rexsac.com). He also leads research projects under the umbrella of REXSAC, entitled Mining heritage as a resource for sustainable communities (https://www.kth.se/profile/avango/page/mining-heritage-as-a-resource-for-sustainable-communities) and is involved in a project exploring heritage processes in Antarctica. For more information on publications and research projects of Dag Avango, see https://dagavango.com/