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Humanities for the Environment Key Researcher Gerardo Antonio Castrillón
President of Universidad de la Amazonia,

Gerardo Antonio Castrillón

Gerardo Antonio Castrillón, President of Universidad de la Amazonia, in Florencia- Caquetá, Colombia, is a political and academic leader of the Colombian Amazon region and a public accountant. Since the beginning of his administration in 2017 Castrillón has helped the University to become a strong contributor to the reinforcement of peace and the development of a sustainable human development model for the national and continental Amazon. As a leader of the Universidad de la Amazonia, Castrillón plays a big role in the consolidation of the Peace Agreements signed between the FARC (Arm Revolutionary Forces of Colombia) and the Colombian State. His role as president of the university is vital in opening spaces for social research and applied sciences that aim to generate alternatives of sustained use of the Amazonian ecosystems and defending the rights of indigenous peoples. President Castrillón’s leadership has contributed to the development of programs of academic excellence, and advocacy for harmony with the environment in compliance with the environmental commitments entered into by Colombia at the Paris Summit (2015), specifically the commitment for reduction to zero of the logging of tropical rainforest in the Colombian Amazon. The 22 academic programs of the University have defined concrete goals of pedagogical transformation towards the culture of peace and promotion of sustainable human development. Castrillón is a public accountant, specialist in tax management and magister administration. During his years of administration in the Colombian Amazon, he has served as a Governor of the State of Caquetá (2009), State Comptroller (1998-2000), Treasury Secretary of the State of Caquetá (2008-2009) and director of The Chamber of Commerce of Florence-Caquetá (2004-2006). As an academic, in addition to being the President of the Universidad de la Amazonia, he has been Dean of the Faculty of Accounting Sciences, member of the Superior Council of the Universidad de la Amazonia and a professor of the same from 1983 to the present.