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Humanities for the Environment Member Frank J. Feeley
Zooarchaeologist, Anthropology Department, City University of New York’s Graduate Center

Frank J. Feeley

Frank J. Feeley is a zooarchaeologist and PhD candidate in the Anthropology Department at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. Despite a life-long distrust of any fish not breaded and fried, his dissertation research focuses primarily on the origins and development of the burgeoning medieval commercial cod industry. His field work has centered on the farm of Gufuskálar in Western Iceland where during the 15th century the site produced a dried fish product for Continental import. The fishing station was large and productive potentially signaling a controversial shift in Icelandic economic ideals from domestic rurality towards transnational capitalism. While Frank is interested in this overlap between environmental capital and social change he is most excited by the potential for these datasets to better assist modern fisheries scientists and managers in maintaining sustainable wild fish resources by extending their available fish population datasets deep into the past.