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Humanities for the Environment Member Anne Jensen
Senior Scientist of the Barrow,

Anne Jensen

Anne Jensen is Senior Scientist of the Barrow, Alaska Native village corporation’s subsidiary, UIC Science, LLC. She has appointments as Affiliate Research Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology and as Research Affiliate at the Museum of the North, both at University of Alaska Fairbanks, as well as a Research Associate in the Department of Anthropology at Bryn Mawr College. She has spent 34 years doing archaeological and ethnographic research at sites throughout Alaska. This includes serving as Principal Investigator for projects at Pingusugruk, Ukkuqsi, Ipiutaq, Nuvuk and Walakpa, all of which are significant eroding coastal sites on the North Slope. She is currently the PI on 2 NSF-funded projects, including one which is now analyzing the results of the excavation of a rapidly eroding major Thule cemetery and a newly-discovered Ipiutak habitation site at Point Barrow, and one which is analyzing the material recovered in a salvage excavation at Walakpa. Much of the work on this project has been done by local high school and college students and volunteers, as well as students from elsewhere. Dr. Jensen is currently responsible for cultural resources on Ukpeaġvik Inupiat Corporation (an Alaska Native corporation) lands, as well as an active cultural resource consulting practice whose clients include the North Slope Borough Commission on Inupiat History, Language and Culture, various North Slope Borough departments, the Native Village of Barrow and others. Dr. Jensen has published on various aspects of coastal North Alaska archaeology as well as Cultural Resource Management in Bush Alaska, the material correlates of indigenous and western science traditions, resource use, evidence for climate change in North Alaska, and zooarchaeology. Her current research focuses on human adaptation in changing Arctic and subarctic environments, paleoeconomy and environments and Traditional Knowledge of Iñupiat and Inuit peoples. She is currently the PI on the Walakpa Archaeological Salvage Project, which is carrying out excavation of a rapidly eroding major Birnirk/Thule habitation site at Walakpa, Alaska, salvaging important ecological and cultural information, and documenting oral history of the site’s more recent use. Her blogs can be found at iceandtime.wordpress.com and tundragarden.wordpress.com.

Anne M. Jensen, PhD
PO Box 750
Barrow, Alaska 99723
Tel: + 1 907-230-8228