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Humanities for the Environment Consultant Joan Baron
Independent Artist,

Joan Baron

One of the significant aspects I bring to this group of academics is providing artistic methodologies & processes to complement & represent the research findings to a mass multi-cultural audience. The goal and vision of my art is to elicit participation and deliver a philosophy of collaboration and cooperation. Themes include repurposing, beauty, resilience, biodiversity, sharing, composting, water harvesting, LFE (local food economy),urban gardening, social justice & reciprocity. This practice of socially engaged art, awakens our senses to the possible. It invites right brain thinking. It supports the necessary shift in how we think about and engage with the natural world. It is an art practice that empowers people. Change for the better happens when we tap into human emotion.  We become excited when we experience what the Earth produces and how delicious “homegrown” foods taste! AND, we become inspired, find a sense of purpose & reverence through our multi-sensory experiences with Art.