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Humanities for the Environment Key Researcher Iping Liang
Professor of English and American Studies, National Taiwan Normal University

Iping Liang

Iping Liang received her Ph. D. in American Studies from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and is currently professor of English and American Studies at National Taiwan Normal University. Her research interests include Herman Melville, Asian American Studies, Ecocritical Visual Representations, and Global Indigeneity Studies. She is the author/editor of Storytelling Survivance: A Critical Reading in Native American Fiction (forthcoming); Asia/Americas: Asian American Literatures in Taiwan (2013); Ghost Dances: Towards a Native American Gothic (2006). Her recent journal publications include “The Foreigner at Home: The Politics of Home in Francie Lin’s Foreigner”; “‘The Sharpest Sight’: The Canonical and the Popular in The Sharpest Sight”; “The Mixedblood Landscape: Life Writing in Louis Owens and Gerald Vizenor,” etc. Her current research is threefold. Firstly, she explores ecocritical visual representations of Vincent Huang, Ola Pehrson, and Chi-hui Chou by unsettling the boundaries between the human and the unhuman against the background of the anthropocene. Secondly, she takes part in the Stanford Project on North American Chinese Railroad Workers, in which she studies visual representations of Chinese Railroad Workers by Jake Lee, Hung Liu, Mian Situ, Zhi Lin, and Arthur Ou. She places the artworks in the context of Asian American cultural politics and unpacks the visual representations of Chinese railroad workers. Thirdly, she’s interested in an emergent group of Taiwanese American writers, including Ed Lin, Tao Lin, Julia Wu, Francie Lin, and Brenda Lin, and examines them under the historical context of the Cold War. Moreover, Dr. Liang served as Editor-in-Chief for Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies (A&HCI; 2005-2007) and International Representative for Women’s Committee, American Studies Association (2009-2011). She’s also a board member of Multiethnic Studies of Europe and the Americas (2012-2016); Association for the Studies of Literature and Environment in Taiwan (2015-2017); Executive Editor of Translocal Chinese: The East Asian Perspective (2015-2018); as well as Director of International Cooperation at NTNU, where she overlooks global partnership, student mobility, and study abroad programs.