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Humanities for the Environment Member Anthony Newton

Anthony Newton

Anthony Newton is a geographer with particular interests in understanding human-environment interaction. Much of his research has been centred on the application of tephrochronology, the use of volcanic ash layers dating and chronological markers, to help understand landscape change in Iceland. This has helped our understanding of the impact of Norse colonisation on a fragile, pristine landscape and the changes that have occurred over the past 1200 years. This work has been carried out in collaboration with Icelandic geoscientists and archaeologists and a wider community under the umbrella of the North Atlantic Biocultural Organisation (NABO). As part of a drive to combine data sources and allow easy comparison across the North Atlantic region, Dr. Newton has participated in the National Science Foundation funded DataARC project. He has also supervised a PhD studying the geomorphological characteristics of Viking harbour and land sites across the North Atlantic, as part of a German DFG funded multidisciplinary initiative. Other research has focused on the environmental impact of large tephra layers in Iceland, Iceland subglacial eruptions and resultant floods, late glacial sea-level change in Iceland, tephrochronological studies in Scotland and Mexico, and pumice in the North Atlantic and Scottish peatlands.

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