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Humanities for the Environment Member Helga Ögmundardottir
Assistant Professor of Anthropology , University of Iceland

Helga Ögmundardottir

Helga Ögmundardottir is an assistant professor of anthropology at the University of Iceland. She received her PhD at Uppsala University and her dissertation was about the highland commons of Iceland as a contested space of traditional sheep pasture and hydropower development. Helga‘s research for the last 20 years has focused on environmental issues of all kinds; man-nature interaction, natural resources and land-use, climate change and its effects on culture/society, etc. Her teaching and supervision of students goes in many directions, such as ethnography, qualitative methodology, environmental anthropology, public participation in environmental decision-making, energy and technology, globalisation and environment, and so forth. Through the years, Helga has participated in numerous national and international and interdisciplinary research projects, dealing with environmental issues of various kinds, where she has focused on the social and cultural sides of resource-use, among other things. All these have gradually enabled her to build up a knowledge-base of human-nature interaction – a content and context she uses to inform the public, through her activism in environmental movements, and in guiding students who are interested in environmental issues. The research projects she participates in have increasingly been framed by climate change and its effects, not least in the Arctic and Sub-Arctic, where she has predominantly worked. Helga hopes to contribute to people‘s toolkits for adaptation to a world of anthropogenic climate change by participating in the HfE Circumpolar Observatory network!