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Humanities for the Environment Key Researcher The Bawaka Collective

The Bawaka Collective

The Bawaka Collective consists of Bawaka Country including Laklak Burarrwanga, Ritjilili Ganambarr, Merrkiyawuy Ganambarr-Stubbs, Banbapuy Ganambarr, Djawundil Maymuru, Sarah Wright, Sande Suchet-Pearson and Kate Lloyd. It is a Yolŋu – non-Yolŋu more-than-human research collective. The human members are four sisters, elders and caretakers for Bawaka Country in northeast Arnhem Land, and their daughter Djawundil. They are also three non-Yolŋu academics, Sarah, Sandie and Kate from the University of Newcastle and Macquarie University, who have been adopted into the family as granddaughter, sister and daughter. Bawaka Country is the diverse land, water, human and nonhuman animals (including the human members of the collective), plants, rocks, currents, winds, thoughts and songs that make up the Indigenous homeland of Bawaka. Theirs is a story of lives entwined and of new places of co-becoming and belonging. It is also a collaborative narrative of unexpected transformations, embedded families and the spirituality and agency of nonhuman elements in, of and as the landscape. The group members have worked together as a research collective since 2006 and have written 2 books and numerous academic and popular articles together.