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Humanities for the Environment Key Researcher Claire Wagner

Claire Wagner

Claire Wagner (PhD Psychology) is an associate professor in psychology at the University of Pretoria. Claire works in the field of interdisciplinary social research and is particularly interested in methodology and the way it is used to satisfy our curiosity about human behaviour and meaning. She has written three books about social research methodology that have been printed by international publishers (Ashgate, McGraw-Hill Education and Oxford University Press). Her term as a president-at-large for the research committee on logic and methodology of the International Sociological Association was recently renewed. She is passionate about understanding people-environment interactions and especially about adding to academic knowledge in the under-researched field of environmental psychology in South Africa. Currently, she is analyzing the South African data from a multinational research project on how people’s perceptions of their country’s future society affect their present climate change actions (the first publication from the larger project has recently appeared in Nature Climate Change) and analyzing and writing up data about recycling behavior in sectional-title schemes (security estates) collected with colleagues from the Department of Town and Regional Planning over a period of 3 years.