Asia Pacific Observatory

Toward Blue Humanities

Between Land and Sea

The Asia Pacific Observatory aims to work toward a blue humanities, employing “the Pacific” as a contact zone, method, and concept to examine the dynamic and shifting relationship between land and sea that allows literatures, arts, and other cultural productions in the trans-Pacific context to be engaged in their eco-poetic complexity.
Asia Pacific Observatory

Scholarly Alliances

The Asia-Pacific Observatory, which includes four independent but interrelated groups of projects, seeks to build scholarly alliances whose area of expertise and research interest adequately accord with the vision and purpose of the Humanities for the Environment, while facilitating global network with other Observatories.


Island and Ocean Ecologies


Indigenous Ecologies


Stories of the Land


Ecoambiguity: Environmental Crises and East Asian Literatures

Ecoambiguity closely examines East Asian creative portrayals of inconsistent and contradictory human attitudes, behaviors, and information/knowledge concerning the environment.

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National Sun Yat-sen University


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Asia Pacific Observatory Projects



By Fran Chieh-Hsi Lee and Jayming Yang. Coordinator: Yu-lin Lee. Funded by Research Center of...


Plants in Tzaishan

With an area of more than 1100 hectares, Tzaishan has more than 700 species of...


Discourse, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship of Depleted Communities in Kaohsiung

Hsinya Huang, Rong-feng Hsieh, Li-ru Lu, and Szu-hsien Lee, Discourse, Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship of...


A Historical Sketch of Agricultural Environment in Taiwan: Food Production, Politics, and Farm Life in the Field

By Fran Chieh-hsi Lee and Jayming Yang. Coordinator: Rose Hsiu-li Juan. Funded by Research Center...


Ljavek: Urban Aborigines, Industrial Landscape, and Their Arts

In the 1950s, many Paiwan people from Pingtung and Taitung came to work in Kaohsiung,...


Traditional Knowledge, Resilience, and Food Landscape

Traditional Knowledge, Resilience, and Food Landscape:
International Ecology of the Aboriginal Yih-ren Lin In fidelity to...

Observatory Affiliates

Community members, researchers and scholars.