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North American Observatory

North American Observatory
Building Resilience in the Anthropocene

Each of the North American Observatory projects and activities seeks to integrate the humanities and arts centrally in linked local, regional, and global collaborations with the expanding network of HfE Observatories around the world.

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North American Observatory Overview

Building Resiliance in the Anthropocene

Shared Mission

The North American Observatory’s shared mission, “Building Resilience in the Anthropocene,” illustrates how the humanities are changing to meet the challenges of the 21st century as they contribute significantly to the development of social, economic, and science policy addressing environmental issues in civil and academic life.

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Toward a Just and Sustainable Future

The research projects of the North American Observatory, are designed to be replicated and scaled in other communities and at other institutions. "The Uncertain Human Future" examines the future of the planet and humanity in relation to climate change and environmental degradation; "The Archive of Hope and Caution" is a collection of stories and videos about frontline communities dealing with environmental justice and sustainability issues; "Life Overlooked" and "Living with Critters" map the relation of humans to other "overlooked" species; "Dinner 2040" follows a community collaboration in Maricopa County, Arizona, charting and planning the "future of food"; “Environmental Rephotography” is exploring how visually mapping time, change and experience through the practice of repeat photography can contribute to deeper understanding of environmental change; and the PLuS (Phoenix-London-Sydney) Alliance project is creating, enabling and deploying innovative research and education linkages across three globally-focused universities to contribute to a sustainable future by collaborating in the areas of sustainability, global health, social justice, technology and innovation.

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North American Observatory