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Key Researcher

Ben Minteer

Associate Professor and Arizona Zoological Society Chair

Ben A. Minteer, an environmental ethicist and conservation scholar, holds the Arizona Zoological Society Chair in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University.  His next book, After Preservation: Saving American Nature in the Age of Humans (edited with Steve Pyne), will be published by the University of Chicago Press in the spring of 2015.  His work explores the intersection of environmental ethics, ecology, and conservation, especially the impact of global environmental change on our understandings of environmental responsibility.  In addition, Minteer writes on the intellectual history of conservation and environmentalism, and on the influence of Pragmatist ideas on the development of American environmental thought, politics, and practice.  His work has appeared in publications spanning the natural and social sciences and humanities, including Science, Nature, PNAS, BioScience, Conservation Biology , and Environmental Ethics. His books include Refounding Environmental Ethics: Pragmatism, Principle, and Practice; Nature in Common? Environmental Ethics and the Contested Foundations of Environmental Policy; and The Landscape of Reform: Civic Pragmatism and Environmental Thought in America.