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Key Researcher

Freya Matthews

Professor of Philosophy

Freya Mathews is Adjunct Professor of Environmental Philosophy at Latrobe University, where she co-coordinates the Environmental Culture Research Cluster. Her books include The Ecological Self (1991), Ecology and Democracy (editor) (1996), For Love of Matter: a Contemporary Panpsychism (2003), Journey to the Source of the Merri (2003), Reinhabiting Reality: towards a Recovery of Culture (2005). She is the author of over sixty articles in the area of ecological philosophy and co-edits the journal, Philosophy Activism Nature. Her current special interests are in ontopoetics and the critique of the metaphysics of modernity; indigenous (Australian and Chinese) perspectives on “sustainability” and how these perspectives can be adapted to the context of contemporary global society; and wildlife ethics in the context of the Anthropocene. In addition to her research activities she manages a private biodiversity reserve in Central Victoria.