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Rose Hsiu-li Juan

Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

Rose Hsiu-li Juan is Professor in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan. Her academic service includes: Board Member of English and American Literature Association in Republic of China and Board Member of The Association for the Study of Literature and Environment in ROC (ASLE-Taiwan). She was the Deputy Dean of the College of Libral Arts (NCHU), Director of the Humanities Center (NCHU), and hairperson of DFLL. Her major areas of research are global indigenous study of literature and culture, Native North American literature, ecocriticism, multiculturalism, and cross-cultural communication. Her publications appear in Chung-Wai Literary Quarterly, volumes of selected papers of ICLA Congress (XVIIth 2004, XVIII 2007, and XIXth 2010), and as book chapters in Mapping Native North American Literatures:  Reflections on Multiculturalism (Taiwan, coeditor with Hsinya Huang), and in An Introduction to Ecoliterature (Taiwan). Her creative writings won literary prizes and were anthologized in prose selections of the year.