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Key Researcher

Julie Anand

Associate Professor

Julie Anand is Associate Professor of Photography in the School of Art and Senior Sustainability Scholar in the Global Institute of Sustainability at Arizona State University. Her projects, informed by a background in Ecology and Geology, often explore material culture, body/land relations and issues of interdependency/boundary. Material Histories, large montages of artifacts collected on walks that act as socio-environmental mirrors, were featured in the exhibition Nowhere to Hide: Three Artists in the Desert at the ASU Art Museum in 2009. This work was recently published in the text Art & Politics: A Small History for Social Change after 1945 (Mesch, 2013). Anand’s honors include Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability Research Grant (2013) for a collaborative children’s art project in Honduras, Evelyn Smith Endowed Professorship for the School of Art (2010), Katherine Herberger Faculty Enrichment in the Arts Grant (2010) for Common Ground—a collaborative public art/landscape design, the Institute for Humanities Research Fellowship (2007) to explore ecological art, and an Artist Grant from the Contemporary Forum of the Phoenix Art Museum (2006). She has lectured at the Geological Society of America, the Art Institute of San Francisco, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, and the Phoenix Art Museum among other contexts. She enjoys developing courses that bring people from diverse backgrounds together including Experimental Film and Art & Ecology, open to all majors.