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Key Researcher

James D. Sellmann

James D. Sellmann was born and raised in the city of Niagara Fall, New York. He was awarded B.A. degrees in Psychology, and Philosophy from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and M.A. degrees in Asian Religions, and Comparative Philosophy from the University of Hawaii. He was awarded the Ph.D. in Chinese Philosophy from the University of Hawaii. He has published over 100 articles in various peer reviewed books, encyclopedias, and journals such as Asian Philosophy, and Philosophy East and West. He published Timing and Rulership in Master Lü’s Spring and Autumn Annals, State University of New York Press, 2002. Concerning the environment he has published: “An Uncommon Alliance: Ecofeminism and Classical Daoist Philosophy,” Environmental Ethics, 25/2, 129-148, 2003 with co-author Dr. Sharon Rowe, University of Hawaii; “Living on the Edge in Micronesian Ecological Philosophy,” International Research in Geographical and Environmental Education, vol. 11, no. 1, 2002; “Ecological Feminism and Daoism,” Asian Culture Quarterly, XXVIII/4 Winter, 2000 with co-author Dr. Sharon Rowe, University of Hawaii; “The Environment, Traditional Values, and the Multi-National Corporation,” International Symposium on East-West Cultural Interflow, Macau, Macau: Macau Foundation, March, 1994; and “Eco-Ethics: A New Perspective from Guam,” Asian Culture Qrt, XXI/3, 1993, 41-51. James is the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and Professor of Philosophy and Micronesian Studies at the University of Guam. He enjoys gardening, and hiking.