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Engaging the Environmental Publics – Seminar Series

African Observatory

Today’s environmental challenges exceed the ability of individual and fragmented research strategies. The complexities of these challenges also require a robust exchange of information, collaboration, and coproduction of knowledge. At the Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship, we have launched a shared and inclusive research agenda framed within a broad framework of the Environmental Humanities. The strength of the Environmental Humanities approach lays its ability to promote dialogue and collaboration amongst different academic disciplines, civil society, the corporate world, and government departments working in environmental sectors—the Environmental Publics.

We believe such dialogue is critical in understanding the complex, yet dynamic environmental challenges in this age of the Anthropocene. In these planned discussions, the Centre brings together the environmental publics to dialogue diverse environmental related issues pertinent to the African Anthropocene. Speakers are invited from within and outside the University of Pretoria to speak to broad issues related to extractivism and the environment. Our seminar series seeks to unpack and refine perspectives of extractivism and the environment by getting in touch with scientific, political, economic and social issues around the subject, and reflecting on ways of reimagining a reversal of present catastrophic changes.
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