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Bifrost Online

Sustainability and Climate Change Awareness

Bifrost Online is an international, open-access channel promoting education for sustainability and climate change awareness. The website regularly presents and continuously updates a wide range of stories, films, interviews, reports, podcasts, data, artistic engagements and insights from knowledgeable actors operating on the front lines of global environmental change.

The site is an accessible online manifestation of its parent project, Bifrost, which organizes educational interventions in the public sphere, reaching out to diverse audiences through innovative media experiences and live, discussion-based events. These actions seek to bridge nature and culture, science and art, understanding and action, social-environmental challenges and solutions.

Bifrost is led by educators and researchers from the Circumpolar Observatory and the Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies (NIES) working in close collaboration with independent artists, the wider HfE community and numerous partners from civil society. The most accessible way to experience the project’s wider dimensions is to enter the Bifrost Online site and explore some of the hundreds of resources curated there.

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