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Living With Critters

Citizen Scientists

The goal of “Living with Critters,” is to empower students and citizens to act as cultural street scientists with an eye toward the ethical dimensions of discovery and representation of nonhuman species. “Citizen scientists,” guided by humanities scholarship, will focus on how, on the one hand, abundant wildlife (e.g., in one’s backyard, neighborhood, region, etc.), and charismatic megafauna, (e.g., endangered species, typically in small populations, and often with little human interaction), as well as other well-known taxa, are represented by diverse interest groups to try to make the public care about animals. While legislation and policy focused on endangered species, it addresses only small pieces of a larger problem of lives overlooked; “Living with Critters” asks how humans think about other critters, what are the consequences of these modes of thinking and valuing, and how can we change thought and habits of dwelling to include living with nonhuman life?