A Global Network of Observatories

Humanities for the Environment (HfE) is a global organization of observatories working together to mobilize the arts and humanities. Our goal is to address social and environmental challenges in civil society and academic life.

Our observatories have established a number of important humanities-led partnerships with international organizations, universities and institutes promoting social and environmental justice, sustainable global and regional transformations, and research and action to deliver the SDGs.
Global Projects
Global Affiliates

Together they provide cross-regional platforms for sharing knowledge, understanding and vital new approaches to building a just and sustainable world.

The guiding concepts
that connect our observatories

Our guiding principles represent the shared ideas informing our outlooks and shaping our research outcomes.

Humanities Innovations

We seek alternatives to dated notions of progress that focus solely on the future. Instead, we support innovative notions…
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Wicked Problems

We propose to tackle the wicked problems presented by environmental challenges with humanities methodologies…
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Environmental Literacy

We consider environmental literacy, including knowledge of non-Western environmental precepts and practices…

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Research Projects

Our community is engaged in a range of projects, including faculty research projects, collaborative faculty-student endeavors, and community based research projects.
Featured Project

The River
(El Río)

The River (El Río) is a documentary film by Juan Carlos Galeano. The film is a journey, both mythological and affectionate. Spectacular images bring the audience’s attention to ecological wisdom about the spiritual belief systems of Amazonians.

Global networks
and collaborations

Our observatories network universities, community organizations and a range of local and regional partners to forge new collaborations among humanists, artists, scientists, policymakers, entrepreneurs and engineers in the public and private sectors.

Food Futures

The future of our food production, consumption, and distribution.


UNESCO Management of Social Transformations Programme Sustainability Science Coalition

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Visioning the Environmental Humanities as a Community of Purpose

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