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01 Preserving the Earth

Africa. Observatory.

Earth Keeping in Africa

Conserve the Environment
02 Indigenous Forms of Ecology

Our. Aim.

The Africa Observatory aims to pay attention to indigenous forms of ecology and how these serve to conserve the environment and contribute to a more healthy and balanced ecosystem.

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03 Model for Preserving Earth

Earth. Keeping.

Using a spiritual idea found in a number of African indigenous traditional societies as a point of departure, the African Observatory will explore how human beings can be earth keepers rather than earth exploiters. We seek to harness and mobilise indigenous forms of nature conservation as a way of engaging with what has come to be described as the age of the Anthropocene. “Earth keeping” not only provides us with a theme and model for preserving the earth, it offers a critique of local and global practices (especially global capitalism), that have contributed to the degradation of the African environment.

“Human beings are earth keepers rather than earth exploiters.”

African Observatory's main hub: University of Pretoria.

05 Contributors & Researchers

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Brown, Molly
Molly Brown
Key Researcher View Profile
du Plessis, Rory
Rory du Plessis
Key Researcher View Profile
du Preez, Amanda
Amanda du Preez
Key Researcher View Profile
Fasseltis, Rebecca
Rebecca Fasseltis
Key Researcher View Profile
Mambo, Alois S.
Alois S. Mlambo
Key Researcher View Profile
Ogude, James
James Ogude
Convener View Profile
Pikirayi, Innocent
Innocent Pikirayi
Key Researcher View Profile
Wagner, Claire
Claire Wagner
Key Researcher View Profile
Wielenga, Cori
Cori Wielenga
Key Researcher View Profile