Sophie Chao is Discovery Early Career Researcher Award Fellow and Lecturer in the Discipline of Anthropology at the University of Sydney. Her research investigates the intersections of Indigeneity, ecology, capitalism, health, and justice in the Pacific. Chao is author of In the Shadow of the Palms: More-Than-Human Becomings in West Papua and co-editor of The Promise of Multispecies Justice. She is also co-editor of engaged outputs including the volumes Conflict or Consent? The Oil Palm Sector at a Crossroads and Oil Palm Expansion in Southeast Asia: Trends and Implications for Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples, and Diverse Paths to Justice: Legal Pluralism and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Southeast Asia. Sophie previously worked for the human rights organization Forest Peoples Programme in Indonesia, supporting the rights of forest-dwelling Indigenous peoples to their lands, resources, and livelihoods. She is of Sino-French heritage and lives on unceded Gadigal lands in Australia.