Dr. Simon C. Estok is the recipient of the Shanghai Metropolitan Government “Oriental Scholar” Award (2015-2018) and resident during that period at the Research Center for Comparative Literature and World Literatures at Shanghai Normal University. Estok is also a Senior Fellow and Full Professor at Sungkyunkwan University, where he teaches literary theory, ecocriticism, and Shakespearean literature. Estok’s research interests include ecocriticism, early modern European culture, and the relationships between theory and practice. His award-winning book Ecocriticism and Shakespeare: Reading Ecophobia appeared in 2011 (reprinted 2014), and he is co-editor of a book entitled Landscape, Seascape, and the Eco-Spatial Imagination (forthcoming Routledge, 2016). Estok also co-edited International Perspectives in Feminist Ecocriticism (Routledge, 2013) and East Asian Ecocriticisms (Macmillan, 2013) and has published extensively on ecocriticism and Shakespeare in such journals as PMLA, Mosaic, Configurations, English Studies in Canada, ISLE, ConcentricNeohelicon, and others.