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Recognizing the work of HfE Affiliate, Dr. Charles Travis

Humanities for the Environment would like to recognize and congratulate Dr. Charles Travis, affiliate at the North American Observatory, for the publication of Historical Geography, GIScience and Textual Analysis: Landscapes of Time and Place, which he coedited alongside Francis Ludlow and Ferenc Gyuris.

Dr. Travis was interviewed by Fronteras, the Online Newsletter of The Center for Greater Southwestern Studies at UT Arlington, shortly after the book had been published in the Spring of 2020. This interview highlights the motivations and research that inspired Travis’ contributions to the book, as well as the role he believes humanities plays in the use of geographical information systems (GIS) and similar emerging technologies. The interview is a quick, but insightful read for those interested in any aspect of environmental humanities.

The book…aims to provide a rapprochement between the narrative dimensions of historical investigation, and more positivistic approaches in the geosciences” (Dr. Charles Travis, in an interview with Fronteras, May 6, 2020). 

The full interview can be found here:

Waxahachie Texas Through the Lens of Historical Geography, GIS, and Textual Analysis: A Conversation with Dr. Charles Travis – Fronteras

A summary of, and purchasing options for, Historical Geography, GIScience and Textual Analysis: Landscapes of Time and Place can be found here:

Historical Geography, GIScience and Textual Analysis | SpringerLink