The International Conference on Food Futures will take place August 31 - September 4, 2022.

Climate Justice and Problems of Scale

African Observatory
The aim of the project is to build “scale literacy” (Horton 2019), to generate a more nuanced and holistic understanding of the relationship between the effects of climate change and the intensification of injustices in the social, political and cultural spheres. The participating partners will contribute local perspectives, and help develop new insights into how problems of scale both contribute to, and offer ways of combating climate injustice. The project will explore climate change as a social, historical, and cultural force that transforms all lives but does so in an uneven and often unequal fashion.
This project is part of an important collaborative project being led by the Consortium for Humanities Centres and Institutes (CHCI), which is based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The project is funded by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Alongside the University of Pretoria, the project includes partners from five other institutions, namely the University of Texas at Austin, the American University of Beirut, Arizona State University, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Sydney.
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