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Island and Ocean Ecologies

Ocean Ecologies

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Research Project

Island and Ocean Ecologies

“Island and Ocean Ecologies” investigate place and space from the perspective of the Oceanic peoples in the Pacific, to challenge the borders of nation states and to facilitate relationships between indigenous peoples of the Pacific islands.

The Pacific is the largest oceanic division on the earth and in recent years, issues surrounding global capitalism, nation, community, and ecological world in the Pacific region have sparked intriguing and provocative discussions. Such research celebrates the networking and coalition of peoples as well as the circulation of ideas and cultures in the Pacific, which we believe is crucial to contemporary ecological scholarship. We offer inputs based on the Pacific day-to-day realities to counter-act Western metaphysics and theories and supplement or challenge dominant/hegemonic approaches to imperialism, post-coloniality, indigeneity, globalization as well as ecology.



  1. After Hiroshima: Ecological Debt in Albert Wendt’s Black Rainbow and Syaman Rapongan’s Drifting Dreams on the Ocean
  2. Ecoambiguity: Environmental Crises and East Asian Literatures
  3. Island Ecology, Island Aesthetics: Eco-art Intertwining Venice, Tuvalu, and Taiwan
  4. Native Science: Rebuilding Indigenous Knowledge System upon Land and Ocean for Sustainable Island Future in Taiwan
  5. Pacific Beneath the Pavements: Towards a Blue Poetics of Oceanic Becoming
  6. The Sea is Rising: Narrating Climate Change in the Pacific Islands
  7. Twilight Islands and Environmental Crises: Re-writing a History of the Caribbean Region through the Islands Existing in its Shadows

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