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The goal of Life Overlooked, is to disseminate local ecological knowledge and build the human dimensions of ecology back into the “portfolio” of what we know about individual species.

Each portfolio is created by “citizen humanists” who are well informed by scientific data, and examines “overlooked” or common “backyard” species such as the scorpion, the shrimp, the herring, the creosote bush, and the Columbine flower, to name a few examples.

Portfolios focusing on individual “overlooked” species might juxtapose images of non-charismatic or “overlooked” species at multiple scales (e.g., life in the rainforest canopy, mushrooms in the Northwest, shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, rhizomatic systems of “great trees”) with charismatic megafauna (polar and panda bears, whales, dolphins). As a companion to the video archive, “Living with Critters,” this digital archive allows viewers to consider the multiple worlds in which species dwell, from the microscopic to the cosmic, from fungi in the soil to the “cosmic dust” that makes up the bodies of all carbon-based creatures on Earth.


Thinking About Animals PDF

Culture and Environment: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral PDF

Environmental Creative Nonfiction: Writing Life Overlooked PDF



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