Natalie Sevin: Owner of Sungold Farm

Natalie Sevin, Owner of Sungold Farm

A documentary film by Austin Bauersmith, Madeline Coffey, Joseph Parish, and Sarah Rudasill, students enrolled in Wake Forest University’s First Year Seminar “Nature, Environment, and Place in American Thought” in Spring 2014.

This video is part of an exhibit created by students enrolled in Professor Lisa Blee’s First Year Seminar “Nature, Environments, and Place in American Thought” at Wake Forest University in Spring 2014. Environmental writers, philosophers, and activists have long shaped the ways Americans conceive of our natural surroundings.

The purpose of this exhibit is to investigate and present the ways humans understand and engage with their environments. In this sense, the exhibit is a part of a larger tradition. People have long struggled to represent the essence of nature and its imprints on humanity; some utilize written prose, while others turn to maps, photographs, art, and landscape design. Through photo essays, place studies, mapping, and multimedia films, students explore this human impulse, while also creating their own representations of nature in a digital format.