Dr Julie Bond

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Professional Title Senior Lecturer in Archaeology
Institution University of Bradford
Departmental Affiliation School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences
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Dr Julie Bond

Senior Lecturer in Archaeology

Dr Julie Bond is Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, School of Archaeological and Forensic Sciences, University of Bradford. Dr Bond’s research has focused on the impact of climate and environment and the stability of agrarian strategies in marginal environments, mostly in the Northern Isles of Britain, using multiperiod settlements as a way of studying change over long time sequences. She is interested in the social and economic impact of Viking Landnám in the North Atlantic settlements, through excavations and research projects such as Pool, Orkney, Tofts Ness, Orkney (with Steve Dockrill), Old Scatness and Jarlshof, Shetland (with Steve Dockrill) and the Viking Unst Project, Shetland. She is currently co-directing (with Steve Dockrill) the excavation of an eroding coastal site at Swandro, on the Island of Rousay as part of the Gateway to the Atlantic Project; an international research-based Field School investigating the island of Rousay, Orkney, with Drs Stephen Dockrill, Ingrid Mainland, Ruth Maher, Jane Downes and Julie Gibson .Dr Bond lectures on the Viking settlement of the North Atlantic, Archaeozoology, Archaeobotany and advanced methods in Archaeology. Dr Bond is joint holder (with Steve Dockrill) of the University of Bradford’s Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award 2015 for the development of teaching methods in archaeological fieldwork and a student-nominated commendation in the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement 2017, for her work in the School of Archaeology and for teaching of Viking archaeology.