Ikue Kina is Professor at the International Institute for Okinawan Studies at the University of Ryukyus. Her fields of research focus on U.S. Women’s Literature, Native North American Literature, Chicano/a Literature, Ecofeminist Criticism, and Border Cultures, and has recently been extended to comparative reading of Okinawan Literature. She is an author of the book Kokyo no Topology [Topology of Home: Ecocriticism of Location and Place] (Suiseisha Publishing) and has her essays anthologized in such books as Encyclopedia of American Culture by Otsuki Shoten Publisher, Kyoiki no Bungaku [Literatures of Borderlands] (21st-Century Literature Series by Iwanami Publisher, Tokyo) and Kokan no Poetikusu [Poetics of Environmental Correspondences] (Suiseisha Publishing Company, Tokyo). She has also co-authored Native American no Bungaku [Native American Literature], the first collection of critical essays on Native North American Literature in Japanese published by Minerva Publishing Company in Kyoto.