Huei-min Tsai

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Professional Title Associate Professor of Environmental Education
Institution National Taiwan Normal University
Departmental Affiliation None provided
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Huei-min Tsai

Associate Professor of Environmental Education

Huei-min Tsai is Professor of Environmental Education at National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan. She also acts as Executive Secretary for IHDP National Committee- Taipei (a transition team to Future Earth –Taiwan), Executive Secretary for the International Geographical Union (IGU) Commission on Islands, Executive Committee Member of International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA), and Coordinator for Northern Taiwan Environmental Education Regional Center. Her research interests mainly focus on human-environment interactions as well as island resilience and sustainability issues in various types of environments, particularly in small islands, Indigenous communities, and coastal sea areas. The aspects of her research include environmental history, bio-cultural diversity, social-ecological systems, historical political ecology, sustainability science, resilience theory, nature-society co-evolution, and local & Indigenous knowledge systems.