Dr. Lea Rekow is co-lead and co-curator of BifrostOnline, an international, open-access project promoting education for sustainability and climate change awareness.  Lea has held positions as executive director of the Center for Contemporary Art in Santa Fe (NM), founding director of Gigantic ArtSpace (NY), media director at the former Center for Peace and Human Security (NY), adjunct professor of media and communications at Pratt Institute (NY), and cultural advisor for Advance (Australian consulate in NY). She is an advisor to the Integrated Media and Art and Technology programs at Cal Arts, and a member of the Institute for Australian Geographers and of New York Women in Film and Television. She was formerly special envoy for the European-based Open & Agile Smart Cities, an advisor to the European Urban IxD program, and a research fellow at the Center for Art and the Environment (NV). She has sat on numerous advisory panels including for NYFASVAParsonsAmnesty International, the MacArthur award, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council. Lea’s PhD research focused on creative, transdisciplinary practices for reclaiming degraded space in areas where people are living under extreme socio-economic and environmental stress. She has worked extensively with ethnic minorities and marginalized communities, including in conflict zones in Burma, on large-scale land use reclamation projects on the Navajo Nation. Lea founded Green My Favela, an urban restoration project based in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro in 2011, and has helped establish some of the largest-scale urban organic gardening projects in Latin America.