Ian A. Simpson

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Professional Title Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences
Institution University of Stirling
Departmental Affiliation None provided
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Ian A. Simpson

Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences

Ian A. Simpson is Professor of Geography and Environmental Sciences at the University of Stirling, Scotland, UK. His research specialism is in Geoarchaeology, defined as the reading of soil and sediment stratigraphies found in archaeological and historical landscapes with the purpose of creating new narratives of relationships between societies and their environments. These stratigraphies reflect site activities and early land uses together with associated environmental contexts; they are records of the complex relationships between past societies and bio-physical processes, of landscape histories. Narratives are ‘read’ through innovative theoretical frameworks of landscape and by new techniques in soils and sediments analyses including thin section micromorphology – SEM – EDX, XRF, soil biomarkers and soils and landscape modelling. These analyses offer contributions to transdisciplinary discussion on a) Long-term sustainabilities and resiliences, b) Place, heritage and identity and are applied into c) programmes of Citizen Geosciences. Current major and long-term research programmes are focussed on creating geoarchaeology and landscape change narratives of The North Atlantic region, South Asia and the Middle East. Major themes are: Pristine space to cultural place, Hybrid landscapes; Completed experiments in northern community resilience’s; Soils and Neolithic ritual landscapes; Industrial landscape legacies. He has published over 150 research papers on geoarchaeology themes and has supervised 26 PhD students to successful completion.