Karen N. Salt

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Professional Title Lecturer in the Department of English
Institution University of Aberdeen
Departmental Affiliation None provided
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Karen N. Salt

Lecturer in the Department of English

Syaman Rapongan is a prominent Tao aboriginal writer residing on the Orchid Island (Lanyu). He received his B.A. in French, M.A. in Anthropology and Ph.D. candidacy in Taiwan literature from National Cheng Kung University. He is productive and received many major literature awards. His works include The Myths of Badai Bay (1992), Cold Sea, Deep Feeling: The Ocean Pilgrims (1997), Black Wings (1999), The Face of a Sea Voyager (2007), The Eyes of the Sky (2012), Floating in the Sea (2014), and his most recent work The Death of Anromien in 2015. Some of his novels are translated into English, French, Japanese, Spanish, and German. Currently he works as Associate Research Fellow at the National Center for Marine Technologies in Taiwan.